How It Started:Roccie Hill Writing
I have been a writer all of my life. This kind of commitment comes from my bones, and has never been something I could ignore. It is a little like an affliction of joy, as my psychological, emotional, intellectual and physical states melt together when I feel the words coming. For me, writing has always been a mesmerizing endeavor and an attempt to put my fingertips, however briefly, on a state of grace.

How I Worked at It:
I studied journalism in college, and philosophy, both of which taught me how to see and how to think. I spent many years studying formal English and French, learning about the nuts and bolts of language communication as we know it today. My first graduate degree was in English/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. During this time I began to read things I loved, and to find my own style. I also spent innumerable hours in coffee houses in the halcyon days of writers in the city.

I have worked as a magazine journalist, a copywriter, a PR and marketing professional, a short story writer, a poet, and finally, a novelist. The novel is much my preferred format, because it allows me the latitude to breathe life into people in my parallel worlds.

My works:
The Blood of My Mother (2023) (novel)

Our Scars (2016, play produced at Fertile Grounds Theater Festival, Portland, Oregon)

Window of Exposure (2015) (novel)

Three Minutes on Love (Permanent Press, 2008)(novel)


Works in progress:
Tell Me About Tampico (novel)

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The Blood of My Mother

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