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When terrorists capture an American CEO in France, former F-16 pilot Kate Cardenas leads the Defense Intelligence Agency team in a covert operation to rescue the businessman before it’s too late.

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Editorial Services

Great writing does not always result in a marketable or polished manuscript!

I can help you in the same way I have helped dozens of other writers for over twenty years.

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For me, photography is about looking carefully. A great picture does not need a great subject: a great photograph needs a meticulous eye for wonder.

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I invest enormous effort in every sentence, every character…so very long ago I promised myself that I would never let a piece go until it was as perfect as I could make it. This does not mean you never finish things: it simply means you never give in.

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When I was a child I was told by a teacher that I had no talent for art, and needed to focus on words. This may have been true, but she made me afraid of the visual world. Now that I am too old to care about talent, I find the greatest pleasure in painting big, bright, magical objects from our day-to-day world.

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Roccie Hill - Private Sojourner

Writer, Painter, Photographer

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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Roccie Hill and I’m an American writer living currently in California.  


Jesse Kornbluth

“Roccie Hill’s Three Minutes on Love is a sweet riff on the kind of passion that makes human beings ‘believe in evolution, that we could be smarter than our parents.’ But it’s also a poignant poem about the refusal of hope to extinguish in the light of the morning after…”

Jacquelyn Mitchard

author of The Deep End of the Ocean