Bringing Your Family Tree to Life!

Roccie Hill Ghost Writing: Bringing Your Family Tree to Life!

Bringing Your Family Tree to Life!

Who I Am:

I am a professional writer and editor, and have been fascinated by my own family’s stories for decades.  One of the most interesting and beneficial tasks of a genealogist is to take the bare facts and turn them into a factual narrative, including cultural, political, and economic factors that influenced the client’s family tree to develop in the way it did. This brings alive to my clients how and why their ancestors married the people, travelled the lands, and worked the jobs they did. This also teaches us more about history, and a different history, than we ever learned in school. I have ghostwritten books for clients, written my own, and also write reports based on this thought, if the client asks for it. Genealogy is much more than lineage societies…it is bringing the history of our families to life.

I have studied history for many years, including as a Minor to my BA in Philosophy, and as a Minor to my MA in English.  I lived for 8 years in Paris, where I worked as the Marketing Officer for the French Statue of Liberty 100th anniversary celebrations, and where I taught Literature and Creative Writing at the American College (now University) in Paris. I also lived for 8 years in England, and worked as the Director of Resources Development for Sir Peter Scott’s Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust. There, I produced several short promotional films for non profits, and organized a private educational dinner at the Gloucestershire home of HRH, Prince Charles.

I studied pre-Roman British history and Biblical history for decades, as well as the history of North American Native Americans, Texas, and the US Southwest.

I am fluent in French, and competent in Spanish, facilitating my ability to read and translate historical documents in these languages.

What I Offer You:

  • 15 years experience professional genealogy research
  • Proficient in processing requirements for membership in organizations, including DAR, SAR, Colonial Dames, Plantagenet Society, Royal Society, etc.
  • Research into diverse cultures in the 18th and 17th Centuries in North America
  • Translates historic documents from French and Spanish into English
  • Researches and prepares reports using verifiable primary sources
  • Conducts probate and heirs research for legal industry
  • Conducts in-person courthouse research where necessary
  • Family history consultant & trainer
  • Former Vice Regent, Historian for Cahuilla Chapter DAR

What I Have Studied:

I have taken many courses, in person and online, including:

  • Family Search WIKI
  • Using Civil War Records in Your Family Research
  • com
  • Using US Probate Records in Family History Research
  • Family History Research in State Archives
  • Evidence Analysis
  • Church Resources in Genealogy
  • Lesser Known Genealogical Resources
  • US Land Records
  • Probate Investigation
  • Researching in Pennsylvania
  • Researching Native Americans
  • Native American Nations of North and South America
  • Early California Anthropology
  • Pre-Roman Celtic History
  • Ancient History of Brittany
  • History of the Hawaiian Islands
  • History of Polynesia
  • The Incans
  • The Mayans
  • The Aztecs

My Affiliations:

I work as a Senior Genealogist with the business, Past & Present Pathways, founded and operated by renowned genealogist, Tina Sansone.  Collectively, we associates offer over 40 years of genealogical research experience, many advanced degrees, and experience researching for the award-winning television series, Who Do You Think You Are.

In addition, I belong to the following organizations: NEHGS (American Ancestors), DAR, Colonial Dames, Association of Professional Genealogist, National Genealogical Society, the Ulster Historical Society, the Palm Springs Genealogical Society, the Royal Society of St. George, the Plantagenet Society, the Melungeon Heritage Association, as well as others.


Please contact me at with your questions or thoughts, and for pricing for this service.


Member, International Society of Family History Writers and Editors

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Member, Daughters of the American Revolution

Colonial Dames
Member, The National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century

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Member, New England Historic Genealogical Society

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Member, National Genealogical Society