“’Window of Exposure’ offers …writing that is both terse and emotional with a main character who is a woman-and-a-half… Kate Cardenas, a graduate of the Air Force Academy, an F-16 pilot, a onetime candidate for test pilot school. Then she gave it all up… a novel that is a movie waiting to happen.”

Jesse Kornbluth


“The author holds you in a vice grip of emotion, concentration and tension to the VERY LAST PAGE.”

Joanne Hardy, author of The Girl in the Butternut Dress

“A tightly woven, gripping thriller that grasps the brutal realities of 21st Century terrorism with the nuance of an insider and a narrator’s gift for suspense.”

Dr. Janne Nolan

Chairman, Nuclear Security Working Group, Washington D.C.

“…wonderful debut…powerful romance about the intersection of love, art and independence…”  

Publishers Weekly, July 28, 2008

“Roccie Hill’s Three Minutes on Love is a sweet riff on the kind of passion that makes human beings ‘believe in evolution, that we could be smarter than our parents.’ But it’s also a poignant poem about the refusal of hope to extinguish in the light of the morning after…”  

Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean

Roccie Hill is a master writer.  From lyrics for rock bands in the seventies to short stories in literary quarterlies, she has practiced her craft, developing an amazing talent in the art of storytelling.”  

Elaine Fuhr, Allbooks Reviews, December 2008

“…a wonderful flashback to the Flower Power and rock ‘n roll images of the San Francisco music scene in the 60s–a time when many up and coming photographers became an integral part of the families of these rock performers: getting stoned with them, partying with them, traveling on the tour bus with them, and being allowed to do the most intimate portraits. This is something that could never happen now, as record companies and PR agents would never allow such access to performers–which is sad. I was there in the Sixties, onstage, photographing Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, Lovin’ Spoonful, and Jim Morrison and The Doors. And what a wonderful time it was… Three Minutes On Love brings back the nostalgia and magic of that time.”  

Michael Childers, Photographer

“…the tale of Rosie Kettle, a California wild child of the late Sixties, carving out her niche as a photographer of rock stars. Rosie’s distinct, captivating voice and pioneer-feminist personality drive the narrative of this book….an impressively controlled and literary style that carries an unexpectedly potent erotic charge.”

Cathy Nolan, former Bureau Chief (Paris) People Magazine